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How to Choose a Dog Harness

Whether you’re a new dog parent or an old-timer, it’s important to get your dog the right harness, if only make those walks easier and more enjoyable. Focus on the following qualities and you will more likely end up with the right choice:

Correct Connection

Trim down your dog harness options by deciding where to hook the leash to the harness. Take note that there are two main types of harnesses available today – front clip and back clip. A front-clip harnesses offer you more control over the behavior of your dog, although it alone will not suffice to tame them when they get aggressive. This type of harness can knot up under his front legs too. Back-clip harnesses, on the other hand, are way more comfortable and near-effortless to wear, and protect the neck.

Taking Measurements

Considering both back- and side-clip harnesses, the thickness of the harness should be checked. Measure your dog and see the right thickness and size according to his breed and age. Also check the fit from time to time, particularly for young dogs that can grow out of a design fast.

No Padding

Padding is usually beneficial for dogs with short hair, preventing skin irritation because of rubbing. Additionally, padded harnesses can up your dog’s style, encouraging you to take him out for more energizing walks .

Your Needs

Among the best ways to buy the right harness is to check out a pet store that lets your dog try on different fits before you pay for anything. These places will usually come with distractions that are meant to hold your dog’s interest while you do the testing, keeping him well-behaved.

Long-Term Benefits

You have to check how the harness grows and adjusts as your dog moves about. The moment you put the harness on your dog, pay attention to his reactions as he walks around. And remember to check the material used to make the harness. If it’s cheap, you will probably have to buy a new one real soon. You may also go for specific materials for specific benefits. For example, you might go for leather because of how it feels after being polished and keeps your dog’s skin from being irritated. You may also prefer nylon for quick and easy washing. Before deciding which dog harness to buy, you should consider other factors as well, such as your dog’s allergies (if any), skin quality and even size.

Harnesses with Reflectors

If you usually walk your dog during the early hours of the morning or the later hours of the evening, a reflectorized harness can be a good investment. This will help ensure that you are both visible to traffic and thus safer. Reflectorized harnesses are probably more expensive than the rest, but they are surely worth the added cost.

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