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Tips for Quitting Smoking Using Vaping

One in every five people dying is attributed to smoking and this shows how dangerous smoking is, although this is a fact that has been known for a long time. Cigarette smoking is hard and presents a challenge to most smokers although most of them have attempted to quit unsuccessfully because of the addictive nature of cigarettes. It is because of this reason that many people are switching to vaping as a way of quitting cigarette smoking. The following are ways you can use to quit cigarette smoking through vaping.

Quitting smoking is so hard and those who have tried can testify to this and it all comes down to the presence of nicotine. The withdrawal symptoms that smokers experience when they try to quit smoking is because of nicotine addiction usually resulting in smoking again, but nicotine free vape juice doesn’t have that effect. Vaping can help a smoker quit smoking because it allows him or her to slowly wean themselves off nicotine by using nicotine free vape juice, rather than just going cold turkey.

Once the body has been used to nicotine, if you stop smoking immediately you will experience severe withdrawal effects because of lack of nicotine but best vape juice flavors come with different levels of nicotine allowing you to withdraw slowly. The beauty of vaping is that you still get to enjoy the sensation of smoking even when you are working on weaning yourself off nicotine. The current brand of cigarettes you are addicted has a certain level of nicotine level, when shopping for vape juice, you should buy one that has a similar level of nicotine.

The purpose of vaping is to make quitting cigarette smoking as easy as it can and that’s why the best vape juice flavors in the market have different nicotine levels while there are also nicotine free vape juice. Once you find a vape juice that has the same level of nicotine as the cigarette brand you have been using, you have to use it until you get used to vaping. Once you have been vaping and feel confident doing so, you can move from the high nicotine vape juice you have been using to a medium one.

Once you are comfortable with medium nicotine level vape juice, proceed to low nicotine level vape juice. Moving from high level nicotine level vape juice to using nicotine free vape juice is something that cannot be done in an instant, go step-by-step to ensure that you don’t do anything that will set back your progress. Vaping is a great option that many people have used over the years to help them quit cigarette smoking but you must understand it will not happen overnight. Discussed in this article is everything you need to know regarding using vaping to quit smoking.

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