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Choosing a Web Designer

Years back, you could easily pick a web designer simply because there were few in number. These days, web design has grown so much as an industry, and picking a good designer has also turned into a much more difficult job.

If you’re looking for someone to build you a website, here are tips to help you out:

Visit their website.

How do you find the designer’s website? Appearance does not define a website, but it sure counts, especially for making great first impressions. While you can’t please everyone, your site’s aesthetics should at least increase your confidence in the quality of your online presence.

Explore their portfolio.

When you look at a designer’s website, you get a taste of the skills and creativity they offer. When you look at their portfolio, you get a feel of their versatility. Choose a designer that can build you a unique website, instead of something that looks like another spin-of of their first completed project.

Observe how knowledgeable their salesperson is.

A web design company’s salesperson doesn’t have to be a designer himself, but he should at least be able to explain their services and the solutions to your problems. You can always loop in one of your IT guys if you’re not too tech-knowledgeable yourself.

Look through their story.

It’s not that web design companies like to scam their prospective clients, but if you’re discussing your needs and the solutions they say they can provide, just ask yourself, “Are they being honest and fair to me?” Listen closely to what they tell you about their expertise, your timeline, your budget or anything related to your project, and make sure everything adds up. Your instincts are usually accurate.

Know who will be working on your site.

Salespeople can be great, but the ones who are actually doing the work are the programmers, so you should be more interested in them. And the first thing you should know about them is whether they are full-timers or part-timers. Make sure they will be around when you need them.

Ask who owns the code.

This is big. As soon as the job is complete, make sure you become the owner of the website, as well as the code itself. Otherwise, look for another web designer. There are many out there, so you don’t need to worry about options.

In the web design industry, the old adage that you get what you pay for, definitely applies. Although there is no such thing as a checklist or hard and fast rules to finding a good web designer, these tips can help steer you on the right path. In any case, consider at least two companies or three, and compare their services, rates and reputation before making your final choice.

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