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5 Clever Hacks For Your Next Glamping Experience

Looking for a twist on your typical camping experience? Give glamping a try and you will surely not regret it. If you are not familiar with this new level of camping, here are 5 tips for you to try on your first glamping experience.

Nothing soothes your senses more than a luxurious outdoor chill. Connecting with nature is always a rewarding experience as you feel the touch of air in your skin, enjoy the scent of nature and listen to the birds sing.

Feeling nature is a luxurious experience but sleeping in a cold tent surely is not.

If you feel like getting the best of nature doesn’t always have to mean sacrificing the comfort of your own place, you are not alone.

Most campers who hate the discomforts of camping tried out glamping and were surprised with how much they loved it.

This all new glamorous way of camping is becoming popular because it offers the same feel of the typical camping but keeps the campers comfortable in their site. If you wish to try out this conventional experience, here are a few things for you to take note:

1. Look for the perfect glamping site.

More and more glamping sites are being built to keep up with the glamping popularity. What makes glamping different from camping is that glamping sites have comfortable facilities that are made for the convenience of the glampers. These include rest rooms and bedspaces, electricity and water.

2. Bring comfortable sheets.

Say goodbye to shivering on the ground at night because in glaming, cozy sheets are just enough as they usually have bed spaces for the campers. You can also bring your own inflatable mattress whichever suits your taste.

3. Tent is everything.

The biggest difference in glamping from camping is the tent. Comfort is the primary goal in glamping so glamping tents are special tents made specifically to give the glampers the best comfort they can get.

4WD Supacentre is good place to check out for glamping tents as they are known for high quality tents that could accommodate large camper capacities and they have the coolest interior and exterior designs as well. Glamping tents have to be as big as possible to get that homey feel because you will need a lot of things when glamping.

4. Get foods that are fast and easy to prepare.

The glam in glamping also has to extend to the foods that you prepare. Breakfast of eggs, bacon, a few vegetables and muffins can be enough when paired with coffee and hot chocolate that can also be a good nighter. Perishable meat can still be bought as glamping food but they have to be half cooked or at least be marinated to last for a few hours or days.

5. Stay cozy while glamping.

Some stuff can keep you warm at night include cozy comforters and some lamp or candle or a portable heater.

These are just some of the few things you need to take note for your glamping experience. Glamping is all about comfort and bringing with you the luxury of home while camping so you have to make comfort your utmost priority above all things.